www.Gianteaglelistens.com – Win $2K Gift Card

www.Gianteaglelistens.com – Giant Eagle has recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey to grab information on how was the customers shopping experience and the products and services.

www.Gianteaglelistens.com - Win $2K Gift Card - Giant Eagle Survey

www.Gianteaglelistens.com – Win $2K Gift Card

If you want to take part in the Giant Eagle survey and were looking forward for right information about it then you just made a right land.

Giant Eagle Survey is all about collecting right feedback from the customer to know how well does the supermarket perform and what improvements will help serve the customers better.

We in this particular page will guide you to participate in the Giant Eagle survey, the rule book and requirements for the easy survey taking and also a procedural guide for taking a smooth survey.

Giant Eagle also offers you a chance to win $2000Giant Eagle Store Gift Card as a reward for the survey taking.

About Giant Eagle Survey

Giant Eagle is an American Supermarket chain that provides services and has stores at limited areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland.

Founded in 1931Giant Eagle with its headquarters at Pennsylvania, United States has around 500 locations.

Giant Eagle has been adding feathers to its cap like grabbing a 21stposition in the top 75 North American Food Retailers and so on.

www.Gianteaglelistens.com - Win $2K Gift Card - Giant Eagle Survey

Giant Eagle Guest Experience Survey

Giant Eagle has been growing since its existence and has been on the Top list on different basis but are the customers satisfied of the services of Giant.

Eagle was the question and rightful answer to this could only be gathered from customer themselves. Giant Eagle survey is all about collecting genuine feedback.

From Giant Eagle loyal customer. If you have recently visited the Giant Eagle supermarket and have a receipt invitation then you can take part in the survey.

The survey by Giant Eagle is to be taken online and only genuine and complete entries will be accepted.

The results of the feedback will depend on what feedback you share and so honest information should only be shared.

Giant Eagle has prepared a questionnaire for the survey and such is to be answered on the basis of your own experience and satisfaction level.

The survey feedback byGiant Eagle will be used to draw result about customer satisfaction level and also make changes in the plans.

Giant Eagle encourages you taking part in the survey and so rewards you with a  chance to win $2000 Giant.

Eagle Store Gift Card which can be  redeemed on any of your future visit at the Giant Eagle supermarket.

www.Gianteaglelistens.com - Win $2K Gift Card - Giant Eagle Survey

Giant Eagle Listens Survey Guidelines and Perquisites

Giant Eagle survey has some basic rules and requirements that are to be abided by each candidate taking part in the survey and such list is as mentioned below –

  • Solely legal residents of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland will be allowed to participate in the survey by Giant Eagle and also their age should be 18+ for the survey taking.
  • You must have a valid buy receipt from Giant Eagle to take part in the survey.
  • Giant Eagle survey taking requires a PC, smartphone or any such device and also a strong and reliable web connection for the hurdle free survey.
  • To perform Giant Eagle survey you should have knowledge of English language.
  • Giant Eagle survey is restricted for the Giant Eagle employees, management, sponsors or relatives of any such working with the supermarket.
  • The rewards from Giant Eagle cannot be claimed or debated for cash alternatives and such cannot be called for any transfer.

www.Gianteaglelistens.com - Win $2K Gift Card - Giant Eagle Survey

Giant Eagle Guest Experience Survey Procedure

Giant Eagle survey is to be performed online and for such you will have to follow the below given procedure as mentioned for a step wise survey performance –

  • To perform the Giant Eagle survey, first visit the site gianteaglelistens.com.
  • Now to take part in the Giant Eagle survey provide in the receipt survey code
  • Click on NEXT button to take your Giant Eagle survey further.
  • The questions for the Giant Eagle survey will now be displayed on your screen and such are to be answered genuinely on the basis of your experience of visit to Giant Eagle
  • Next is to enter personal information like name, address, phone number and also an Email ID as required by Giant Eagle.
  • Submit your feedback and choose to enter for the Giant Eagle sweepstake offer to grab your chance of winning $2000.


Giant Eagle survey will be performed easily through this guide and the rewards are genuinely mind blowing.

As compared to the time required for taking the survey. Hope this guide helps you perform your survey at Giant Eagle.

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